Clear Bra Paint Protection

And Headlight Restoration In Long Beach, CA

Want to keep your car's finish looking shiny and new? Let the experts at International Auto Glass & Window Tint install our clear bra paint protection films to your vehicle. Clear bra is an excellent way to protect your hood and front bumper from rock chips and road debris that is kicked up from driving. Also, if your headlights are dim or foggy we can also restore your headlights back to looking brand new.

International Auto Glass & Window Tint cares just as much as you do about keeping your vehicle's appearance in the best shape possible. Give us a call today!

Front Bumper and Headlights


Protect Your Vehicle's Finish With Clear Bra Paint Protection Films

Clear Bra is a very thin paint protection film that is installed over the front part of your vehicle. It goes on clear and covers the hood, fenders and front bumper as well as the front facing portion of your side rear view mirrors. Clear Bra offers extra protection against harsh weather, road debris and other elements that could potentially scratch or damage your vehicle's finish. Additionally, Clear Bra repels water and is easier to clean.

International Auto Glass & Window Tint technicians can install Clear Bra film to all makes, models, years and styles of cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. Contact us today!


Clear Bra
Clear Bra Film Application Process


Your Headlights Will Shine Like New Again

Don't let dull or dim headlights impair your driving visibility. Let the experts at International Auto Glass & Window Tint restore your headlights so you can see clearly at night. Over time headlights can become "foggy" or "cloudy" and can greatly decrease the brightness of your lights. Your headlights are a necessity for night driving as well as a safety feature to let other drivers on the road know where you are. If your headlights become discolored or yellowed with age, let us know and we can clean your headlight lenses and restore them to look brand new again!


Car Headlight
We can restore headlights for all types of cars, trucks and other vehicles.


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